Art Gallery Spaces You Can Rent On Airbnb Around T...

Art Gallery Spaces You Can Rent On Airbnb Around The Globe

Airbnb revolutionized the way we travel, building a system dependent upon a simple and mutual trust that people aren’t always creepy (like on Craigslist) and can just be cool. For that we, finally, can stay in central parts of town when traveling on a budget instead of that forsaken hostel on the last subway/metro/tube stop of that city. Not only that but hosts have also made it possible for you to spend your holiday in an art gallery space. Waking up and falling asleep in these spots will inspire you to deck out your own home when you’re deep in your post-vacation blues.

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-designani

Artist painting in studio. Photo: Designani

Art Gallery Stay in Tokyo, Japan

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-tokyo-japan

Airbnb in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Tokyo BnA

The Bed & Art Project created this hotel specifically with the intention to have people stay in a private art gallery. This space is not open to the public and can only be seen when rented for your time in Tokyo. With stunning work by local artists, the art and goods inside can all be purchased, with proceeds going directly back into supporting those who contributed to designing the home. Even if you aren’t particularly into art, it’d be hard to argue what an amazing Airbnb this would be to experience.

Pristine Room and Art Experience in Brooklyn, NY

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-brooklyn-ny

Airbnb in Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Glasshouse

The Glasshouse, as it is called, engages you in an immersive art installation in buzzing South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Being steeped in art and coddled to comfort by your artist hosts is sure to get your own creative inclinations rustling and rolling.

Art Flat Gallery in Berlin, Germany

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-berlin-germany

Airbnb in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Maruska

This gallery space in Berlin Mitte holds only four exhibitions a year, and unlike the locals who only have the opening night to view and appreciate one, you can rest and enjoy the show for your whole trip. Situated near Museum Island, Art Flat Gallery is not just stunningly designed and central for all things art in Berlin but it’s also at starving artist prices.

Art Gallery in Rome, Italy

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-rome-italy

Airbnb in Rome, Italy. Photo: Vincenzo

Rome, a mecca for art and its history, would be enough for any art lover. Throw in a historic building with antiques to match and you are in art heaven. Originally part of the Lateran University, the rich wood and soaring ceilings of this dizzyingly romantic space holds rooms of textiles and collections of modern work lit with lovely chandeliers.

Art Gallery American Loft in Barcelona, Spain

art gallery-artist studio-airbnb-barcelona-spain

Airbnb in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Jose Manuel

So this Airbnb used to be an art gallery but the construction, interior design, and existing work displayed, makes this a worthy addition. In a hub of Gaudí, Picasso, and Miró, it only feels natural to stay somewhere as inspired as the city itself.


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Vince spent a lot of money studying fine art in NYC, only to realize that those who can't do, really do teach. He is currently an art teacher and art journalist based out of Brooklyn.