Tape Art by Artist Max Zorn Packs Quite a Picture

Tape Art by Artist Max Zorn Packs Quite a Picture

Taking on a medium that is normally a nuisance to most people, however for Max Zorn, a multi-media artist from Amsterdam, innovated a technique to create visual art that is lucent, but strongly recognizable to his audience.

Tape Art titled M1 by Max Zorn

Max Zorn uses standard brown packaging tape to add and reduce layers on the surface of lights, a process that modifies the contrast of structures and values. He heavily considers the small inclusions of light in his works as Zorn is using it a vehicle to further illuminate his frequent displays on urban city streets at night. Zorn’s career expanded through the street art scene, as he started to gain more of an audience his artistic career expanded. Out of preference Zorn continues to display his works in deep city landscapes but nonetheless he has featured a significant amount of pieces in urban exhibitions and galleries.

Although his pictures have a monochromatic quality this is not a hindrance by any means; rather a forte that helps accentuate the glowing effect that enhances its unique authenticity. With careful attention to space and detail, a layered relief is created with each alignment and removal of tape. This layering and cutting technique solely using packaging tape and an X-Acto knife results in a picturesque sepia pixilation.

Tape art by Max Zorn Untitled

Tape Art titled Back Again by Max Zorn

The concepts depicted are often characters that are fashioned in formal garb of the 1920’s in urban settings which evoke a certain film noir sensation. Other pictures depict intimate moments of romance, or struggle.

Zorn’s art is part of Stick Together – a contemporary urban arts movement that was launched in 2012 by Max Zorn and Audrey Sykes, in which street artist are brought together throughout Europe.


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