We Who Spin Around You At The High Line

We Who Spin Around You At The High Line

Eduardo Navarro’s We Who Spin Around You is on view at the High Line Rail Yards located at 32nd Street and 12th Avenue from Tuesday July 19th to Thursday July 21st. Each evening from 6:30 to 8:30pm Navarro’s performances will begin on the half hour.

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The Argentinian artist is known to “submerge himself within new non-artistic disciplines” to create new works. For this exhibition Navarro does just that. He invites viewers to think about their place in the universe, both visually and in the context of science. He has situated his exhibition at one of New York’s best public places to watch the sunset, The Highline. Viewers are invited to put on custom-made bronze masks that transform the sun into a tiny dark green sphere. Then astrophysicists Jana Grcevich and Summer Ash briefly discuss solar history, and our changing relationship to science in the context of astronomy and solar studies.

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This piece has been created for High Line Art. Founded in 2009, High Line Art’s mission is to “invite artists to think of creative ways to engage with the uniqueness of the architecture, history, and design of the High Line and to foster a productive dialogue with the surrounding neighborhood and urban landscape”. Navarro’s performance, along with the backdrop of the High Line, invites us to think about our relationship with the “surrounding terrestrial and celestial worlds”. We Who Spin Around has free admission, is open to all ages and does not require an RSVP. Go check it out because it is not worth missing!


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