The RFK Mural Festival Offers The Community A Brig...

The RFK Mural Festival Offers The Community A Brighter Future

In 2010, the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools became the most expensive public school to open in America, causing enormous controversy with its $578M price tag during a time of faculty lay-offs and program cuts in an already low-performing district. Built on the site of the Ambassador Hotel, where the great Senator was assassinated during his presidential campaign, architect Gonzalez Goodale constructed a modern interpretation of the original design furnished with state-of-the-art amenities, restoring hope to a tragic historic site. Now with over 4,000 students from grades K-12 in one of six different pilot schools within its campus, the institution still ranks below average, even with a 75% graduation rate.


RFK Mural Festival. Photo: Branded Arts

This week Branded Arts in collaboration with LAUSD, Thinkspace Gallery and 28 artists are trying to change that. Artists including Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, MADSTEEZ, Colette Miller and many, many more are working this very moment towards Friday’s Grand Reception at 701 S. Catalina Street from 5-11PM. The public is welcome to see the very works that are right now inspiring students in their formative years through workshops, film screenings and seminars as they witness the heights of skill and imagination surging around them. RFK Community School’s Paul Schrade Library will be converted into an exhibition space for students and 30 more artists including Tim Biskup, D*Face and Erik Jones.

Warren Brand, President of Branded Arts says, “Local history, art, and education have come together to create a space of diversity, creativity, innovation, and social justice –­ all social elements that RFK Community Schools seeks to foster.” An inspirational week like this certainly celebrates the namesake’s legacy.

“The future is not a gift. It is an achievement.” – Robert F. Kennedy


RFK Mural Festival. Photo: Branded Arts

Now aren’t we all very happy that current presidential candidate Trump didn’t get his hands on the property to build the world’s tallest building?

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