The Queens Museum Remixes Nonstop Metropolis

The Queens Museum Remixes Nonstop Metropolis

A conversation with San Francisco-based activist and writer Rebecca Solnit inspired a giant project on Kickstarter with the Queens Museum to awaken essays in her and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro’s upcoming book through art installations, talks and other public events. Justly entitled Nonstop Metropolis, the book will be an unconventional atlas of New York City, focusing on storytelling and illustrating the core quality that makes the Big Apple the greatest city in the world.

06_grimshaw-queens-museum art report

Queens Museum. Photo: David Sundberg/Esto

The Queens Museum commissioned artists Duke Riley and Mariam Ghani to address water and its relation to economic power and the linguistic diversity of Queens, respectively. Duke Riley also owns East River Tattoo, fittingly close to the water. The mutual dependence of water and economic power will be examined through the stories and possibilities opened up by historical contexts and his painstakingly detailed artistic practice. Mariam Ghani will be creating a mural for an enormous wall of the museum and hopes the Kickstarter will allow her to elevate her work to and augmented reality. She is collaborating with Daniel Kaufman, assistant professor of Linguistics at Queens College and Executive Director of the Endangered Languages Alliance, and Josh Begley, data artist and web developer, to explore the ways in which the wall’s natural shapes could be used to trigger audio going deeper into her topic. Ghani’s work will also spotlight the world’s endangered languages that are still spoken in Queens.

Morutori Te Selutant-DukeRiley-artreport the queens museum

“Morutori Te Selutant,” Duke Riley. Photo: Duke Riley

Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro compiled essays, cartography, drawings, paintings, and photographs, “revealing the fascinating histories of the City that never sleeps.” The essays will not only directly influence Riley and Ghani’s installations but also inspire monthly events featuring a writer or contributor of Nonstop Metropolis. Depending on the map, the event will be a walk, tour or talk, and on top of that, you’ll be able to take an illustrated map home.

the garden of forked tongues mariam ghani artreport the queens museum

“The Garden of Forked Tongues,” Mariam Ghani. Photo: Kickstarter

The Queens Museum is nearly halfway to their goal with a little more than two weeks left to go. Contributing would not only be supporting New York City, it would be celebrating it. The rewards for contributing aren’t too shabby either.

Pledge $10

outside the lines duke-riley artreport the queens museum

“Outside the Lines,” Duke Riley. Photo: East River Tattoo

Of Land and Sea – Stick these custom temporary tattoos anywhere your mama won’t mind. Includes a temporary tattoo especially designed by Duke Riley!

Pledge $50

monarchs-and-queens-map rebecca solnit queens museum artreport

Printed Cities – Collect a set of full-color gorgeous maps with excerpts of related essays on the reverse side from Rebecca Solnit’s San Francisco, New Orleans, and New York City Atlases. (17 x 14.5 inches)

Pledge $200

infinite city rebecca solnit artreport queens museum

Nonstop Metropolis – Meet & greet with Rebecca Solnit and Josh Jelly-Schapiro at the book launch to get your copy of “Nonstop Metropolis” signed in person.

Pledge $1,000

Queens Museum. Photo: Halley Tsai

Queens Museum. Photo: Halley Tsai

Get Lit! – Take control of the Queens Museum’s brilliant façade lights and pick the light color every day for a week! We will also include the newly released “Nonstop Metropolis” and a meet & greet with Rebecca Solnit and Josh Jelly-Schapiro at the book launch!


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