The New Essential Female Artists To Follow On Inst...

The New Essential Female Artists To Follow On Instagram

Just in time for the hotly contentious design revamp to Instagram in which we said goodbye to the familiar logo and other subtle refinements in favor of a higher-pitched, poppier app — here are our picks for artists that will perk up your daily feed. For this list, we sought out people who skate between genres, stay true to their work and have a dedication to providing content while still exploring the daily documentation aspects of the much-favorited application.

1. @harleyweir

#abbeylee 4 #calvinklein harleyweir follow on instagram artreport

This young UK photographer was scouted immediately upon her graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2010, according to the British Journal of Photography. Saturated, smashed and flowing like a nosebleed, the squares are sourced from Weir’s commercial photography jobs. This feed feels a little dangerous, like medicine for the image-addict—the kind that trawls through pictures for a fix like others trawl Sunset Blvd at 3AM.

2. @annyversary

annyversary treasures 1 follow on instagram artreport

This Swedish 3D designer, Anny Wang, is known for her neo-pastel environments, synth-wave surfaces and impossibly smooth horizons with an aesthetic that vectors into the future of design, digital culture and promotion. Tune into her feed to see her personal and commercial projects for companies ranging from Nike to The New York Times, drawing directly from the internet’s forever-past.


3. @saraandreasson

doodles saraandreasson follow on instagram artreport

When you key into Andreasson’s work, you are immediately lost in hips, lips, color, and hot, flat contour. Like a sort of femme neo-Matisse, her figures push back against the corners of the frame and stare down the viewer until she blinks. Editor of BBY magazine, Andreasson’s studio is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

4. @soeymilk

soeymilk follow on instagram artreport

With the sort of figurework that leaves you drunk on brushstrokes and the romantic glow of the Neoclassical past, the artist operating as Soey Milk nonetheless paints precisely and with the perfect touch of photographic and tech awareness. Bonus points are also awarded for photos of her adorable dog, admirable wardrobe choices, and in-studio set-ups.

5. @____zoe_bleu____

zoe bleu-female-artist-instagram

A charmed life as seen through the dirty rococo opera glasses pulled from your grandmother’s closet; Zoe Bleu is the new generation of the Arquette family, her mother is actress Rosanna, her aunts and uncle are well known actors and performers. Zoe is a part of the fashion collaboration and art collective Nautae, and her feed is a glimpse through the gluey lace curtains of a 70’s doll house.

6. @erinmriley

erinmriley bedroom floor follow on instagram artreport

Erin Riley is a handmade tapestry artist, which, is a statement that doesn’t prepare you for the butt selfies, semen splattered iPhones, the restated pornhub still frames and lines of cocaine gloriously woven (literally) throughout her work. Riley is an artist with a successful showing career, and you can be prepared to see a little of her work process, studio and daily life along with finished pieces in her feed.

7. @dafys

super galactic dafys follow on instagram artreport

Dafy Hagai is a photographer out of Tel Aviv and New York who shoots young women and environments with the technical skill and care of the 20th century street photographers, but with the sensibility of a 21st century girl. She has numerous commercial clients, but anyone with a love for Shore or Friedlander will be thrilled to see a nod to them here in this 2016 staging of her personal portfolio.

8. @kliuwong

kliuwong follow on instagram artreport

With a razor sharp brush edge, Kristen Liu-Wong’s illustrations are a sort of S&M magical realism tale told in neon snakes, chains, gimp suits, ceramics and robots. Liu-Wong is based out of LA and can give your feed the pop-erotica you didn’t know it was missing.

9. @lauracallaghanillustration

lauracallaghanillustration follow on instagram artreport

Messy interiors spilling into champagne and noodle feasts; lounging, glaring biting their lips, the exquisitely colored figures in Callaghan’s illustrations will remind you of your Barbie coloring books from the early 90s if they had all been about you and your friends when you’re hungover. Prolific and regularly updated, this feed is the aspirin and Redbull you need for your daily life.


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Devon Watson is an artist, writer and curator based in Brooklyn, New York. She is attracted to shapely ideas, the color pink, and cultural theory. She is also a good friend and doesn't mind coming to your group show, online gallery Skype expo, or girlfriend's DJ set.