The Leesa Dream Gallery Showcasing Art by Homeless...

The Leesa Dream Gallery Showcasing Art by Homeless and Disabled Artists

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to attend a very special 75-person event launching The Leesa Dream Gallery, a space housing incredible art and mission-based product in Soho. The gallery is the brainchild of an extraordinary partnership between two forward-thinking companies, ArtLifting and Leesa.

ArtLifting is a company driven by their mission to empower homeless and disabled individuals to change their lives through art. And Leesa showcased their products, including ones that feature the designs of Art Lifting artists. The collection on view focused on the theme Everybody has a dream: What’s Yours?” One noteworthy piece was a candy colored dreamscape by Kitty Zen, who uses her paintings to create dreamy, alternative worlds. Much like world-renowned artist  Chuck Close her art is filled with vibrant colors, but life has had many darker moments. Her involvement with ArtLifting, and the Leesa Dream Gallery, has created “constant expanding possibilities” for her situation and her art. Creating and showing their work allows the artists of ArtLifting to showcase their talent, helping them make positive moves forward. The idea of Art being able to uplift in many different ways is perfectly demonstrated by Liz Powers, the CEO of ArtLifting. She has presented us with the option of

“making a difference with what hangs on our walls.”

The Leesa Dream Gallery Kitty's Dream ArtLifting artreport

“Kitty’s Dream,” Kitty Zen. Photo: ArtLifting

One theme running through this body of work was dreaming about a better situation, where the individual was able to simply be out of the elements, and harm’s way, and have a nice place to sleep. With the help of Leesa, many individuals have been able to “wake up with a better attitude,” which can make all the difference. Laurie-Anne Bentley from the Bowery Mission spoke about Leesa’s impact on her organization. With Leesa’s donated mattresses and other bedding supplies, and they are able to provide individuals in need with “A Better Place to Sleep.” People are able to find refuge in art, and with a proper place to sleep.

Both ArtLifting and Leesa are companies that care equally about making the world a better, more beautiful place, as they do turning a profit. And The Dream Gallery is a physical manifestation of this.  ArtLifting taken the idea of art therapy one step further, creating a predominantly online art marketplace making art accessible to prospective buyers 365 days a year. Leesa has created an amazing product and has donated over 5,000 mattresses to people seeking refuge from homelessness or domestic risk. Together, at The Dream Gallery, the two companies have created a beautiful, inspiring, and heartwarming collection of art including a limited edition mattress cover inspired by artist Scott Benner. Be sure to visit The Leesa Dream Gallery located at 112 Wooster Street!

The Leesa Dream Gallery Tim's Dream ArtLifting artreport

“Tim’s Dream,” Tim Strouss. Photo: ArtLifting

The Leesa Dream Gallery Judi's Dream ArtLifting artreport

“Judi’s Dream,” Judi JMW. Photo: ArtLifting

The Leesa Dream Gallery Scott Benner As Night Turns Into Day, Dreams Can Turn Into Reality ArtLifting artreport

“As Night Turns Into Day, Dreams Can Turn Into Reality,” Scott Benner. Photo: ArtLifting


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