Superfine! Art Fair and How It’s Changing Th...

Superfine! Art Fair and How It’s Changing The Art Fair Business.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the founders of Superfine! art fair, Alex Mitow and James Miille during this year’s Frieze Art Week. By removing the many cost layers typically absorbed by the exhibitors, Mitow and Miille have found a way to engage and encourage both new and established collectors into acquiring high-quality, yet accessibly-priced artwork.

Not only are the founders successful business partners, but they are also both prolific in various areas. Mitow was an early fixture in the Miami Art Basel/Wynwood scene, which led him to establish a restaurant, Los Perros Locos, in the Lower East Side neighborhood of  New York City. The Colombian joint, famous for its hot dogs, was also well known for boasting a impressive street art as decoration. Always inclined to creativity and entrepreneurship, Mitow then curated and organized a slew of pop-up art exhibitions, which made way for the first Superfine! Miami, in 2015.  

For his part, Miille does not just apply his creativity to Superfine!, as he is also a talented photographer and graphic designer. His work has been the subject of a solo show in NoLiTa, as well as the Faces n2 exhibition in the Parisian Galerie 55Bellechasse, and can be found in respected publications like Artnet and Posture Magazine.

Their impulse to create Superfine! was a direct reaction to the over-priced artwork and the large distance created between art consumers and the access to high quality work. Through hard labor, Alex and James re-established the rules of the art fair, giving access and fair pricing to a larger bank of artists and their work, while also incorporating the needs and wants of the public. Their success is proof of  their prowess and the validation that the stuffy rules of the artworld need to be reevaluated, mainly by listening to what people want.

Since its 2015 inception, Superfine! has continued on in its success, gaining more attention during Miami Art Week 2016 because of its non-conforming ways of operating. By creating a well curated experience and affordable prices, Superfine! is unique in that the passion behind the fair is the community, from the artists, to the curators, and, of course, the attendees.  

This year, Superfine! has a full schedule of exciting year-round initiatives. Stay tuned for their third edition fair in Miami, as well as an additional pop-up in Mexico City.

Brady Sears is straight out of Miami, FL and prides himself off of never actually getting a tan. As a photographer he finds most of his inspiration from the Instagram account @Kanyedoingthings and his dog, Rudolph.