The Emerging Artists Tour At Frieze New York

The Emerging Artists Tour At Frieze New York

The Emerging Artists Tour at New York City’s Frieze Art Fair highlights both burgeoning artistic talents from across the world and the galleries that represent them. Collages are hot this year. So are figurative paintings and installations inspired by internet tags. Here is a debrief of the up-and-coming artists featured in 2016.

Emerging Artist Tour-Art Fair-Frieze New York 2016

Emerging Artist Tour, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Mark Blower

Maurizio Cattelan

This installation, Warning! Enter at Your Own Risk. Do Not Touch, Do Not Feed, No Smoking, No Photographs, No Dogs, Thank You, with a live donkey living under a chandelier at Art Frieze is a tribute to the Daniel Newberg Gallery in SoHo. The message behind it jabs at both the artist and the viewer. We can all be considered asses in the eyes of Cattelan. The donkey, named Sir Gabriel, is trained for showbiz, and appears regularly in Puccini’s La Bohème.

Maurizio Cattelan, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: W Mag

Maurizio Cattelan, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: W Mag

*Perhaps because this is Maurizio Cattelan’s first appearance at Frieze he was included in this Tour, but Mr. Cattelan is an established artist with a long career—highlights include a retrospective at the Guggenheim in 2011 and a recent documentary shown at last month’s Tribeca Film Festival on his reputation as a provocateur.

Katherine Bernhardt

New York artist Katherine Bernhardt’s experimental and fun exhibit is displayed in a room filled with colorful rugs the artist found in Morocco that give the space a house-like feeling.

Katherine Bernhardt-Canada- Frieze New York 2016-Art Fair-Emerging Artists

Katherine Bernhardt, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Mark Blower

Anthea Hamilton

Anthea Hamilton provides performance art for Art Frieze with Kar-A-Sutra, her reinterpretation of Mario Bellini’s famous art car from the 1970s, featured at MoMA. Hamilton’s recreation is also filled with mimes who perform at Frieze four times a day.

Anthea Hamilton-Frieze Projects-Frieze New York 2016-Emerging Artists-Art Fair-Art Tour

Anthea Hamilton, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Mark Blower

Liu Shiyuan

Liu Shiyuan prints quixotic and confuddling phrases on fabrics from different cultures to showcase the phenomena of communication that often gets lost in translation. Each tile can be arranged according the owner’s tastes. The second part of her exhibit features stickers with different images found when Shiyuan typed the word clay into Google. China is a prime destination where new artistic ideas are rapidly emerging. Shiyuan serves as an ambassador of sorts, representing the exciting trends that are being imagined in the country.

Leo Xu Projects-Frame section-Frieze New York 2016-Emerging Artists-Art Fair

Leo Xu Projects, Frieze Art Fair 2016. Photo: Mark Blower

Heather Phillipson

Heather Phillipson’s “100% Other Fibres” installation makes a statement on the historic past of Randall’s Island, where Art Frieze New York takes place. The island used to be a landfill of sorts for the city’s discarded and forgotten: prisoners, the insane, and of course, physical material garbage. The UK artist positions canines sliced in half on top of flat screen TVs, surrounded by dirt, chain saws, and pillows.

heather phillipson-frieze new york 2016-art fair

Heather Phillips, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Art Report

Gina Beavers

Gina Beavers looked up images with certain topical hashtags on Instagram and recreated the photos she found with acrylic paint. Her paintings are displayed in a cube frame.

Gina Beavers-Frieze New York 2016-Emerging Artists Tour-Art Tour

Gina Beavers, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Art Report

Frieze Art Fair’s Spotlight section highlights artists from generations past who were overlooked during the prime of their lives, though their work is now being appreciated and discovered. To be an emerging artist doesn’t mean you are in your twenties and thirties. As is the case with Frank Bowling, an artist from Guyana, whose abstract paintings, curated by the Tate, are featured at the festival.

Frank Bowling-Hales Gallery-Frieze New York 2016-Art Fair-Emerging Artists

Frank Bowling, Frieze New York 2016. Photo: Mark Blower

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