10 Ways These Stormtroopers Understand Your Woes O...

10 Ways These Stormtroopers Understand Your Woes Of City Living

Photographer and Star Wars enthusiast Jorge Pérez Higuera is working on one of the most entertaining photo series the internet has seen this light year. In his ongoing project, The Other Side, Higuera and his fellow Star Wars aficionados have recreated the banal tasks of everyday life using the ultimate galactic bad boys, Stormtroopers. 

The project was born out of Higuera’s love for the movie franchise and a fascination with mundane daily routines. “We live thinking in the next weekend or the next holiday. I think we lose a lot of little pleasures planning our lives,” he told The Mirror. He hopes the images will bring viewers joy and help them celebrate their working-class realities. “Let’s be honest, if that future existed, we would probably all be Imperial Soldiers, not heroes or villains.”

Though most of the images depict multiple Stormtroopers, in reality, Higuera only has one suit. He has friends and family dress up and act out the scenes, and then spends hours digitally manipulating the image to produce the final outcome. His use of the Stormtroopers’ vacant expressions perfectly mirror these existential crisis moments that everyone experiences after moving to a big city (especially one as crazy as New York).

10. How the hell am I ever going to get all this stuff home, let alone up 4 flights of stairs?

Jorge Pérez Higuera-The Other Side-Photography-StormTrooper Shopping

9. Is this filthy tiny bathtub really the only place I can have privacy from my 3 roommates?

8. How have I managed to live in the city for an entire year and still have no real friends?

7. So this is what the Craigslist ad meant when it said “Laundry on premise”…

Jorge-Perez-Higuera_the other side-storm troopers_laundromat6. If I paint the walls white it makes my apartment look bigger, right?

5. Did I really move to New York just to join a knitting club in Brooklyn 3 years later?

JorgePerez_TheOtherSide_Storm Troopers Kniting_0084. How the hell does this work again?

3. This is the last time I get tricked into going to an “Off-Broadway” play in a school auditorium.

Jorge Pérez Higuera-The Other Side-Photography-StormTroopers at the movies

2. Is that a tattoo of Lil Wayne on your…Lil Wayne?

1. Whatever, summer nights on a rooftop in NYC are one of the best things in the entire galaxy.

Click here to see the rest of his portfolio or follow him on social media for updates on future projects.

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