Sotheby’s Interior Home Design For Decorativ...

Sotheby’s Interior Home Design For Decorative Arts Week

Last weekend marked the opening of Sotheby’s third annual At Home: Designer Showhouse and Auction, as part of Decorative Arts Week. The Manhattan powerhouse saw twelve established and emerging talents convert the auction house’s fifth-floor exhibition space into a luxurious yet relatable “home.” Each designer was given full rein of one room within the showhouse. “Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it can’t be relevant today,” explained Sotheby’s project organiser Danielle Wandersee. “It’s educational as well”—which in turn encourages you to mix and match—“it doesn’t matter if it’s 18th century French or 18th century English.” The stunning “home” will be open to the public through April 16 and end with an auction on April 17. Art Report rounded up five of our favourite rooms.

CRD Associates

Christi Rogers_1-sothebys-artreport interior home design

Photo: Christi Rogers

Weaving through the crowd towards the back of the house, you discover a gem, an alluring roomthe Pantry Bar—which had me at Yves Klein table. The Ormand Gigli, Lips, New York, hanging over the bar, quickly quenches your thirst. This enchanting space was designed by distinguished visionary Christi Rogers, who prides herself in relating to her client’s needs and style through the creation of modern luxe interiors.

Scott Sanders LLC

scott_sanders_library_image2_alan_barry_photography_sothebys_artreport interior home design

Photo: Alan Barry

The Library designed by Scott Sanders LLC serves as the perfect pause. The cool, sophisticated grey tones lure you into a state of relaxation. Accents of color seen in the six Sol Lewitt Stars prints add a playful contemporary twist to the traditional design. The interior design firm, founded in 2000 and based in New York City and the Hamptons, has a reputation for its diverse projects and attention to purpose and location.

Patrick Mele

patrick_mele_withdrawing_room_image2_alan_barry_photography_sothebys_artreport interior home design

Photo: Alan Barry

Patrick Mele, one of the emerging designers amongst the group yet equally splendid, was tasked with the Withdrawing Room. This is by far one of the most memorable spaces. The exquisite blend between art and design has you in an excited frenzy. The bold, expressive slashes of color encompassing the walls and painted by Charles Pringuay is brilliant. Patrick Mele went beyond the expected, captivating the very essence of the brief in hand. Style through the ages is both explored and celebrated with works ranging from Old Masters to Ellsworth Kelly and Andy Warhol all in one room.  

Fawn Galli Interior

fawn_galli_interiors_gallery_2_image1_alan_barry_photography_sothebys_artreport interior home design

Photo: Alan Barry

Gallery 2 is a majesty of rich, vibrant color. Designer Fawn Galli finds inspiration in fashion, 70’s disco and nature, toying with the modern and contemporary worlds. A true champion in color, the sumptuous room stops you in your tracks. Galli’s approach to interior design is different to her contemporaries, the whole affair is an experience. Her creativity is boundless, demonstrating conviction and vigor, she embraces the unusual, be it tarot card peppered doors or dazzling work by Jim Lambie.

Bradley Bayou Design

bradley_bayou_design_-_master_study_image1_alan_barry_photography_sothebys_artreport interior home design

Photo: Alan Barry

The cool character that is Bradley Bayou, with over three decades worth of experience in the fashion, entertainment, fine art, and interior design industries, didn’t disappoint. In true Bayou style, the former Creative Director of Halston, was commissioned with the Master Study—who better for this task than the celebrated master in sophisticated contemporary design. The room oozes class. The low lighting creates a dramatic, sensual ambiance, complementing the subtle color palette of the furniture. So sit back on the Frits Henningsen armchair and nest “At Home.”


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Amy is a British curator and art director based in New York. She worked closely with Damien Hirst, before cutting her teeth at London’s Goldsmiths University. She's a tarot card enthusiast, earl grey tea lover and hot yoga addict.