Samsung Unveils Its New Art Installation With Phot...

Samsung Unveils Its New Art Installation With Photographer Carlos Serrao

Last week Samsung celebrated the launch of their newest exhibit Hu: Spectrum of Being. Samsung partnered with photographer Carlos Serrao to bring this interactive installation to life at the Samsung 837 space in New York’s Meatpacking District. This particularly approachable venue serves as a digital and cultural playground where guests interact with Samsung product alongside experience based art. Serrao’s site specific work consists of a promenade lined with LED lights, where guests moves through the space as four long exposure photographs capture their unique movement.


Carlos, who typically focuses on fashion and sports photography, has always been concerned with “the mechanics of movement”. Samsung’s team worked alongside the artist, helping him manipulate their technology to explore his idea in a new format. Going into this project Serrao intended to create an installation that captured  “a slice of human movement” but he didn’t exactly know how it was going to turn out. “The fun part was figuring out how to make it work” and being able to “collaborate with a lot of different people” said Serrao.


A digital photograph sent to each guest via email after walking the installation captures each guest’s “Spectrum of Being”. The “Hu” in the exhibit’s title, as one would guess, stands for “hue” for the color captured and “human” describing how the installation captures each individual’s essence. NBA player Randy Roye, singer Parson James, and principal dancers from the American Ballet Company attended the launch.  These individual’s professional careers are movement based, and their resulting photographs from the installation are a perfect display of the diversity of movement.


Serrao used a long exposure to capture movement, an old idea laid out by the work of Muybridge and Edgerton, but his new digital interpretation is fun and fresh. Serrao notes that the team were “building the plane as we were flying it” and this allowed him to find inspiration.   It is commendable when companies like Samsung can partner with artists like Carlos Serrao because collaborations like these, supported by spaces like Samsung 837, help us switch up the standard art experience. Carlos was challenged to think outside the box and was given a new platform to explore express his study of movement and Samsung pushed their technological capabilities to the limit to make the installation happen….. A truly collaborative effort!

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