Hello Hudson Yards: IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair relo...

Hello Hudson Yards: IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair relocates to the Javits Center

What is the first thing that comes to mind for you when you think about fine art? Is it your favorite artist? Or you picture the gallery, maybe a private residence where the piece is displayed. It is probably some original work, which speaks to you on an aesthetic level and emotional level. Something that gets you thinking inspires you and sparks thought and conversation. Is it a sculpture? An oil painting? A film? A print? An art fair?

ifpda_print fair_2016 highlights_attendees_7Turning your attention to printmaking, one may recall the birth of printmaking in Germany where Albrecht Durer and Daniel Hopfer were etching their armor for decorative purposes. Or maybe the fact that Rembrandt was talented in multiple disciplines, he was a draughtsman, painter, and a printmaker as well.  Although not often highlighted, many new and talented artists have found their niche in printmaking.

ifpda_print fair_2016 highlights_attendees_4ifpda_print fair_2016 highlights_attendees_5From October 26th to October 29th exhibitors from around the world will gather in New York to celebrate printmaking and its vitality as an artistic practice at the Fine Art Print Fair at the Jacob Javits Center. Whether you are looking for modernism from Russia or old Masterpieces from the 16th and 17th Century, or brand new editions by contemporary artists it will be covered by this wide variety of exhibitors. Now in its 26th year, the Print Fair presents 81 leading art dealers. Various programs and tours both inside and outside the fair will be held in conjunction with New York Print Week.

ifpda_print fair_2016 highlights_attendees_6Print Fair Ticket Information

The opening Preview Benefit for the IFPDA Foundation will be Wednesday, Oct 25th 6:30 to 9:30 pm ($85 to attend). Otherwise, you are able to grab the sort of ticket that suits you, either a daily admission ($20), a pass that covers the whole weekend called “Run of the show” ($40) or the “Weekender” that admits two for the weekend! ($50)

For more information on the Print Fair please click on the following link.

All images courtesy of Sari Goodfriend.

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