FOTO SOLO Steals The Art Show At Artexpo New York

FOTO SOLO Steals The Art Show At Artexpo New York

This year, Artexpo New York introduced [FOTO SOLO] in partnership with Digital Photo Pro and Outdoor Photographer. Following the model of its fine art counterpart [SOLO], the new section of the fair connects independent photographers to gallerists, publishers, collectors and other art enthusiasts.

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ArtEXPO [FOTO SOLO] Photo: Bridget Casey

Both local and international, emerging and established artists set up booths to represent themselves and curate their work. Many had previously exhibited in galleries, and most felt eager to reach the wider audience of a fair. While [FOTO SOLO] is a small pavilion featuring fewer than 30 photographers, it is an opportunity to speak directly to artists and to buy works for less than $1,000.


FOTO SOLO_Emmanuel Peterson_1am Bridge art show artEXPO artreport

“1am Bridge,” Emmanuel Peterson. Photo: Emmanuel Peterson

A photographer from France, Peterson wrapped his prints and brought them to [FOTO SOLO] in a suitcase. He spent this past summer and winter walking along the Seine after midnight, capturing candid moments with permission. Each black and white photograph is titled by the time and location to hint at the story behind it. At 3:00am on Austerlitz Bridge, a man pushes his girlfriend home in a shopping cart, because the Paris metro closes at 1:00am. On a weeknight, a couple wearing Sailor Moon costumes laughs over a picnic in the public park. Stopping to look at Peterson’s scenes feels like walking through Parisian arrondissements, witnessing private moments and fun drunken memories.


FOTO SOLO_GutoSeixas_Mouro (taken by the artist) art show artEXPO artreport

“Mouro,” Guto Seixas. Photo: Guto Seixas

Seixas began photographing horses as just another job, recording his hooved subjects’ physiques for breeders and auction catalogs. The São Paulo-based photographer has a history with horses as a rider, however, and his favorite sport is dressage (also known as the Olympic event with top hats). Dressage demands subtlety, precision, and elegance, and these qualities translate to Seixas’ photography. He allows the horses to roam around the studio, repeatedly releasing the flash for several minutes to adjust them to the light. The horses eventually relax, and the results are exquisite images, with every eyelash and hair sharply detailed. This is the first time Seixas has shown work in New York.


FOTO SOLO_Michael Ezra_Levitation art show artEXPO artreport

“Levitation,” Michael Ezra. Photo: Michael Ezra

Ezra worked in information technology for twenty years before becoming a photographer. He explains the dramatic switch as “a midlife crisis, maybe instead of buying a car.” Since transitioning to life and work as an artist, Ezra has shown in New York, across Europe, and most recently in Moscow. His nude portraits focus on the twists, shapes, and textures of the human body. A gymnast modeled for some of the series, but Ezra says he also loves to photograph “regular people” in conceptual and exceptional ways. He uses a variety of cameras within the cohesive body of work — Mamiya, Nikon, and Hasselblad, to name a few — but his style (and color correction) brings it all together. Ezra was born in Tbilisi, Georgia and now lives in New York.

FOTO SOLO_Emmanuel Peterson_3.40am Proudhon Street art show artEXPO artreport

“3.40am Proudhon Street,” Emmanuel Peterson. Photo: Bridget Casey


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