Finally, A New Series By Gregory Crewdson At Gagos...

Finally, A New Series By Gregory Crewdson At Gagosian

the pickup truck Gregory Crewdson gagosian gallery

“The Pickup Truck,” Gregory Crewdson. Photo: Gagosian Gallery

In the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts, Gregory Crewdson renewed his photographic vision after years of absence from his work. His newest series Cathedral of the Pines is inspired both by a trail of the same name he found during one of his long hikes in the woods and a 19th-century painting exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art entitled Rooms with a View. With each piece shot in situ and boasting a newfound minimalism, these pictures are voyeuristic, personal and organic.

Cathedral of the Pines focuses on a deeper introspection than the surreal portraits of American life he had become famous for previously. You won’t find a woman floating in the ocean of her living room, but his subjects simply staring blankly into a nothingness all too familiar in the quiet, Edward-Hopper-like glorification of the loneliness in the mundane moments of the everyday. His figures are all caught at a point of pause, staring as if possessed by an unshakable nightmare. Taking advantage of his outdoor settings, some of which are on the trail that awakened him so, he makes a religious experience of his new wide shots where you realize the subject includes the sheer immensity of nature. Every piece maintains a particular focus on lighting, per the Met’s painting show, threading the same mood and sensation throughout this body of work.

In a time where the ease of technology has diluted a photographer’s place, Crewdson carefully captures the beauty in the spaces between what we as people reveal and hide—a movie in a moment. Since, we have to admit, what we experience through our phones in our day-to-day is (to borrow a phrase from the artist himself) “created to be disposable.” And in the spirit of if you can’t beat them…, there is an entire Instagram page dedicated to the documentation of the creation of this new series.

mother and daughter gregory crewdson gagosian gallery

“Mother and Daughter,” Gregory Crewdson. Photo: Gagosian Gallery

the haircut gregory crewdson gagosian gallery

“The Haircut,” Gregory Crewdson. Photo: Gagosian Gallery

the motel gregory crewdson gagosian gallery

“The Motel,” Gregory Crewdson. Photo: Gagosian Gallery

Cathedral of the Pines will be on view at Gagosian Gallery on 21st St in Chelsea, NYC through March 5th, 2016.


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