An experience that unifies Contemporary Art and Mu...

An experience that unifies Contemporary Art and Music under one roof

On March 31st, MATTE’s BLACK will pop up in an undisclosed Brooklyn location for its annual multidimensional experience. A unification of contemporary music, visual art and NYC’s underground culture. Below are the talented artists that will transform a raw space into a journey at BLACK.
This year MATTE Black will feature five visual artists whose work, presented together for the first time, will deliver a multi-sensory experience. New York-based Bahamian artist Tavares Strachan’s “I AM” will explore the relationship between human beings and their environment, showcasing an interactive abstracted glowing expanse of light.
Matte Black_Tavares Strachan_I AM_Art Installation
Cocolab’s “White Canvas” coming to the US for the first time, will be an immersive intersection of 360 spotlights, music, and sounds. White Canvas is an exploration of the potential of the human being through the light. An immersive experience of light and sound that activates the imagination of people with light.
Matte Black_Cocolab_White Canvas_Light Art Installation_1
Folie à Plusieurs is a contemporary perfumery utilizing scent as a device for deepening the emotional and kinesthetic engagement with art across a range of creative practices, elevating the cultural value of fragrance, and broadening its relationship to the human experience. Folie à Plusieurs will elevate the way we think about and experience scent featuring a fragrance composed with Lucas Sieuzac designed to capture the enigmatic spirit of BLACK. Conceptual olfactive works of limited production, these fragrances are carefully composed and handcrafted by visionary perfumers in concert with works of international artists.

Additional sculpture meets performance pieces will come from Los Angeles-based performance artist Symrin Chawla’s. Chawla’s theatrical installation titled “The Gods Must Be Crazy” captures the space between stillness and movement. Viewers stumble upon a quiet monster they are unsure if they should disturb, or already have.
Symrin Chawla_performance art_copper_3_matte blackSymrin Chawla_performance art_copper_5_matte black

New York Sunshine will bring their sculpture titled “The One Ton Tank”. This sculpture could stand alone but also could be used to light a person inside from different angles while filled with water. The One Ton Tank was constructed with a full-length glass panel in the front, a waist-down window on side, and a waist-up window on the other. After the sculpture was used for the “Head Above Water” look book photoshoot it was moved to the Watermill Center for the 2016 Summer Benefit and the public showings throughout the summer. The One Ton Tank was used for a performance piece during the Summer Benefit, where performance artists submerged and moved slowly in the water while holding their breath.

New York Sunshine_Matte Black_Art Installation_One Ton Tank_Sculpture_2New York Sunshine_Matte Black_Art Installation_One Ton Tank_Sculpture

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Juliana has worked in the public and private sectors of the cultural field from London, to Rome, to New York. She holds a BA in the History of Art from Yale University, and an MA in 20th Century Art from the Courtauld Institute. Juliana enjoys both the academia and fun of all things cultural, completing curatorial research for the Yale Center for British Art, and experimental digital tools for the Vatican Museums. With an international flair she gives us the bird’s eye view, looking at the big questions facing the art world today.