Edward Granger Changes the Facade of Piaget’...

Edward Granger Changes the Facade of Piaget’s Storefront for Miami Art Week

Last week everyone in the art world landed in My-Am-Mee for Miami Art Week 2016, where there were over 20 fairs and up to 8 to 10 events per night. From sophisticated Art Basel for the cultural connoisseur, to graffiti-clad Wynwood Walls for the emerging muralists, Miami Art Week has something for everyone. How can someone possibly even manage to see everything. We simply decided to scrap it all, and follow a young talented emerging artist who has made a name for himself by working with brands like Hermes, Google, and Ralph Lauren.

Edward Granger, a Louisiana native residing in Brooklyn, New York received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Louisiana was chosen for this year Piaget Miami Art Week installation.

Building on his current series “Chromaticity”, here with the Piaget window installation he further examined the properties of the HSV color model and color space pixels. The same color diagram NASA uses to study the perceptual effects of light and color stimuli on human observers on an emotional and physical level.

With the two separate panels he was able to break them up and create an X and a Y coordinate to follow a Chromaticity diagram. X been short wavelengths (blue, indigo, violet) and Y being long wavelengths (red, orange, yellow). Merging these two panels together lured you into a portal of this spatial awareness.


Looking at these digital color graphs and layering them on an illustrator program allowed him to replicate these colors and shapes to manipulate or superimpose that onto a physical installation. By taking the abstract hand painting, and overlaying the digital replicated shapes, he challenged the idea of what it means for our immaterial lives as they’re played out in this timeless, spaceless dataplasm of a digitally influenced world.


If you look at each panel, they’re broken into 4 separate triangles. 4 is the number of good givings, a symbol of things expressing and non-failing.

“Pixels, like atoms, are intertwined. Everything from the atoms on our skin to atoms in the sky amongst the stars and galaxies. A connection to the cosmos, humans on earth are like tiny pixels creating one big image of humanity, vastly connected to a bigger picture of the universe.”


Piaget’s elegant designs are the perfect juxtaposition to Granger’s edgy and playful work. Together, they are creating an experience whereby the art lures you into a beautifully spatial fantasy world while captivating the precision of Piaget’s jewelry.


Follow Edward Granger to learn more about his previous installations and artwork. Special thanks to ARC Document Solutions, Rom Carpentry, Piaget and Miami Design District.

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Vince spent a lot of money studying fine art in NYC, only to realize that those who can't do, really do teach. He is currently an art teacher and art journalist based out of Brooklyn.