Buff Monster’s Collaboration With Tiger Beer...

Buff Monster’s Collaboration With Tiger Beer Is Saving The Environment

Tiger BeerAsia’s premium lager, is taking Air-Ink™, the world’s first ink created from air pollution, to the streets of the world.  An extension of a 2016 pilot project in Hong Kong, this new initiative sees Tiger Beer driving creative collaborations between Anirudh Sharma, inventor of Air-Ink™ and co-founder of Graviky Labs, and the best emerging artists from around the world to give this breakthrough technology global attention.

Believing that the best ideas are often born on the streets and not in corporate boardrooms, Tiger is kicking off its global Air-Ink™ initiative on the streets of London before continuing on to Berlin, New York and Singapore. Demonstrating the power of creativity with purpose, resident artists in each city, including Buff Monster, KristopherH, Patrick ValePaul Davis and Die Dixons, will transform pollution into beautiful Air-Ink™ artworks symbolising a bright future for our cities’ streets, and inspiring others to take action.

Delivering creativity from the streets, for the streets, New York consumers will encounter Air-Ink™ artwork throughout Manhattan. Specifically, Buff Monster‘s collaboration with Tiger Beer can be seen in a mural that will be displayed in the Chelsea neighborhood, on 28th Street and 7th Avenue. Get a chance to see this cutting edge artists’ work come to life in a “Clean Art Gallery,” that will open on Earth Day (April 22nd) at Senaspace Gallery in Soho.  Consumers will be able to visit this gallery free-of-charge until its closing date on May 1st.

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