Blindness Alma Takes Center Stage at Art Basel Mia...

Blindness Alma Takes Center Stage at Art Basel Miami Beach

Javier Martin will present the latest extension of his Blindness concept at Valli Art Gallery, during the week of Art Basel 2017.  Martin will welcome viewers into a 64 square-foot room constructed of mirror and light, where walls conceptually do not exist, a space simultaneously ethereal and unsettling. Blindness Alma will not only test the concept of perception but inspire self-reflection while allowing interaction and the opportunity to become an element of Martin’s art.
Upon entering Blindness Alma, viewers will find themselves leaving their perceived reality and stepping into a room that eliminates conceptual, architectural, and societal barriers. Enclosed in a limited depiction of infinity, surrounded by images of Martin’s subjects blinded by glowing neon lights, as well as their own reflections, viewers have the freedom to interact with the experiential piece as they see fit. Whether they question their societal views of self-worth or simply document their experience for social media, they share a connection to the art and the artist. Unlike some of Martin’s other work, one cannot replicate this distinct moment in time nor the physicality of the space.
Blindness Alma – A Room Without Walls will be on display at Valli Art Gallery1924 North Miami Ave. Miami, FL. 33136 from Thursday, December 7th – Sunday, December 10th, between the hours of 10 am – 6 pm. The public will have the opportunity to meet the artist on Thursday, December 7th. Admission is free.

Gracie Brahimy has been working in the arts in New York City for the last three years. She is currently the artist assistant to painter Katherine Bernhardt as well as the press coordinating at Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC. She received her bachelor degree in Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College and will be attending NYU Gallatin for Graduate school in the fall.