Artists Raising Awareness Towards Vaccination

Artists Raising Awareness Towards Vaccination

The Art of Saving a Life is an non profit organization working to underline the importance of vaccination and immunization through a collection of artworks by some of the most famous artists around the world.

Aiming to tell different stories about the impact of vaccination to humanity from its invention to its access to billions of people, the project of these Artists raising awareness towards vaccination brings these stories of ‘risk and bravery’ to daylight, especially informing parents about the importance of prevention. Spanning various mediums, from film to photography or from sculptor to music; The Art of Saving Life introduces works by artists such as Vik Muniz, Annie Leibovitz, Olafur Eliasson, Zim&Zuo and Mauro Perucchetti along with others that total to thirty in number.

the art of saving a life-alexia sinclair-skull-2014

the art of saving a life-alexia sinclair-booksMauro Perucchetti, Reach every child 2020 - Artists Raising Awareness Towards Vaccination


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Osman Can Yerebakan is an independent art writer and curator based in New York. Osman, who holds a BA in Comparative Literature and an MA in Art Management, contributes to various online and printed publications with his perspective on contemporary art and curates exhibitions around NYC.