Artists You Need To Know From The Timebag Art Show...

Artists You Need To Know From The Timebag Art Show in Medellín

About a week has gone by since we were invited by the Medellín based art fair Timebag Art Show to join their team as media partners. Tied to the Medellín Design Week and the Design Fair the Timebag team, lead by artist Harold Ortiz, was able to offer the visitors a well-rounded overview of the local art, design and cultural scene. The fair’s first iteration drew people from all over town, mirroring the increasing interest in the budding local art scene, represented by a mix of local and international galleries. The fair truly sets itself apart by offering two auctions during the three-day course of the fair. The live auction included works selected by the organizers, and shown in a separate section of the venue, while the silent auction was stacked with works by young artists, offering young as well as more established collectors a chance to bid on rising talents.

Here is a list of artists whose works we haven’t been able to forget and who should be on your radar.

Daniela Serna

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Artist-Daniela Serna-Artist

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Artist-Daniela Serna-Artwork-String Book

Serna’s installation was draped across the walls of the entire booth, strings of paper growing or escaping the inner pages of a book. The deconstruction of text is the artist’s main drive, placing it in spaces where the viewer is forced to reconsider the traditional meaning of text and its signified.

Julio Parra

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Art Fair-Artist-Julio Parra

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Art Fair-Artist-Julio Parra-WhiteParra is a young Medellin-based artist whose large abstract paintings aim to create a new visual language in order to find meaning behind the human existence and the language that exist within it. Rash lines, geometric shapes, and splashes of color are placed on the canvas in a calculated yet seemingly arbitrary way, leaving the viewer to interpreted the visual language through their own perspective.

Fredy Alzate

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Artwork-Fredy Alzate-Brick SphereAlzate represented some of the more established artists of the fair. His work has been exhibited worldwide. His larger and smaller works were sprinkled across the different sections of the fair, his brick spheres being the most notable works at the show. Inspired by the rapid and precarious urbanization of Medellin his works reflect upon vernacular architecture and its need to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants.

David Robledo

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Art Fair-Artist-David Robledo-Al Filo Del AzarSpread over two large panels, Robledo’s figurative paintings titled, “Al Filo Del Azar” offer a perfect balance between negative and positive space. The color plains cut through the fading figures, scarcely defined by colors and shadows, capturing and elevating mundane moments in life. The muted pallet and stern expressions make the viewer wonder if there isn’t a deeper meaning or statement hidden behind the layered paint.

Karen Aune

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Artist-Karen Aune-Artwork-Lapsus TropicusNeon green and wooden discs make up the spine-like the works in the series Lapsus Trópicus by the Brazilian artist Karen Aune. These newly formed botanical forms merge biotechnology and the virtual world, investigating the fragility of our biological universe. Beautifully static and moving and the same time, the objects offer a glimpse into the future where the natural and the technological will have fully merged.

Alejandro Tobón

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag-Art-Show-Artist-Alejandro-Tobon-Artwork-Grass“L.E.Y. 1-68”, created specifically for the art fair the piece by Tobón brought a piece of nature into the brightly lit tent of the fair. Suspended above the floor the piece of earth seemed to have been torn directly out of the ground. While a shift from his regular wooden structures, pieced and tied together from found materials, the piece maintained the same controlled fragility of the artist’s other works.

Javier Barrios

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Artist-Javier Barrios

Colombia-Medellin-Timebag Art Show-Javier Barrios-CutoutsThe Oslo based artist Javier Barrios reflects upon the origin and evolution of the human race, striving to find a balance between fact and fiction. His inspiration from science fiction, technology, and the exploration of space are clearly visible in his works, which combine imagery of all of these fields. Glancing into the future the works offer an abstract utopian world collaged together by different textures, materials and muted colors.

All Images Courtesy by Juan Camillo Calle, Repocameraphoto. Sponsored by Timebag Art Show.

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Adriana Pauly is a curator and art writer with a MFA in Contemporary Art, based in New York. She specializes in artwork by emerging female artists as well as Latin American art. She has been published by Missy Magazine, Autre Magazine and is currently the Content Coordinator of Art Report.