Artist Duo DABS MYLA Take Over Viacom HQ

Artist Duo DABS MYLA Take Over Viacom HQ

Art at Viacom, a site-specific series of installations at Viacom’s Times Square location, kicks off the summer with their fourth installment.  New Cosmic, a collaboration between Australian artist duo DABS MYLA and LA-based furniture manufacturer Modernica, is Art at Viacom’s largest project to date. Together, DABS MYLA and Modernica bring sculpture, painting, wallpaper, and hand crafted objects and furniture together to create their own intimate world.

DABS MYLA-duo-viacom1Influenced by futuristic design magazines from the 1950s as well as a recent trip to JantarMantar, an ancient temple dedicated to the study of Astrology in India, DABS Myla’s installation reveals the interconnectedness of the idealism of the counter culture of the 1960s with spiritual traditions that have been around for centuries. The first section of the installation includes two interactive wheels which are spun to match your zodiac sign with one of four symbols. Viewers then choose a fortune that matches the sign, all hand drawn and written by DABS MYLA.  Right behind the wheels lies a tent, or “meditation triangle” as DABS MYLA described it, where visitors can lounge inside and listen to tracks from Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd.  The seamless flow between astrology and the psychedelic culture of the sixties is palpable, creating a playful and hopeful environment.

The large painting across the way, the first work that DABS MYLA created for the installation, acts as the inspiration behind the entirety of the space. In fact DABS MYLA admitted to us during the opening that this is their favorite work that they’ve ever made. The painting contains aspects of the installation, such as the stairs, and not only allows us to see the world they’ve created on one canvas, but allows us to imagine their own creative process.

The third section of the installation includes a colorful mural and a painted two sided staircase decorated with books, hand painted album covers, and records that viewers can soak in.  It almost feels as though DABS MYLA have invited you into their personal home as you peruse the titles of the books and albums that reside on the stairs. They invite viewers to listen to records and sit on the steps and relax, adding another interactive aspect. The stairs are loosely designed after JantarMantar and despite the colorful decoration, do have an ancient and holy feel to them.

If you aren’t able to make it inside Viacom’s lobby, passersby can enjoy a number of large hand sewn works on fabric that DABS MYLA created, which hang by the windows as well as an animated video which loops on the large screen of the Viacom façade. Playful and uplifting, Art at Viacom, in partnership with DABS MYLA and Modernica, present the perfect summer installation to New York City.

DABS MYLA-duo-viacom4DABS MYLA-duo-viacom3DABS MYLA-duo-viacom2

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Gracie Brahimy has been working in the arts in New York City for the last three years. She is currently the artist assistant to painter Katherine Bernhardt as well as the press coordinating at Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC. She received her bachelor degree in Liberal Arts at Sarah Lawrence College and will be attending NYU Gallatin for Graduate school in the fall.