Anne Mondro, Defiant Fragility and Infinite Knots

Anne Mondro, Defiant Fragility and Infinite Knots

Body parts in stasis; thin silver wire in infinite knots, tracing the connection between two human hearts. Anne Mondro’s crocheted and molded body parts are like quiet machinery suspended in glass cloches, a flickering depiction of our own internal connections. The pieces are meticulous, without seams or visible closures, each made by hand with a hooked needle.

Ana Mondo-Crocheting-wire anatomyMondo has also created digital prints of her pieces, and sculptures incorporating materials like acrylic, felt, wax, and rosary beads. She has made exacting representations of delicate respiratory pathways, the chambers of the human heart, and the large twisting shadows of two figures intertwined. In her statement provided by Ceres Gallery, Mondo says, “The Vulnerable Series, a series of large format digital prints, focuses on the complexity of human relationships. To create the images, abstract human figures are posed in various gestures to convey emotions, intimacy, and vulnerability, and then photographed.”

Ana Mondo-Crocheting-wire anatomy-3Mondo has shown extensively throughout the states since 2001, completing residencies in Michigan and Australia, and has been a professor at the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan since 2003. In her bio provided by the University, it states: “Mondro draws inspiration from anatomical imagery and religious artifacts to comment on physical and mental complexities of the body, especially during times of illness and disease.“ Though, her work may be clinical in its accuracy, there is a finely wrought emotional subtext to each piece — they are reminiscent of ex-votos left at altars, ornate and compact, quietly radiating an ambiguous but powerful sentimentality. Or, perhaps they are more like the French globe de mariées, traditionally made for a marriage, which encased flowers, trinkets, and wax figures in a sort of futile but picturesque attempt to reify the moment of union. Regardless, each of Mondo’s pieces has a sort of defiant fragility — like the human heart, or our connection to one another, or, even, like faith itself.

Ana Mondo-Crocheting-wire anatomy-2Ana Mondo-Crocheting-wire anatomy-6Ana Mondo-Crocheting-wire anatomy-4


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