A Vibrant Lighting Installation Pays Tribute To A ...

A Vibrant Lighting Installation Pays Tribute To A Hollywood Star

Over the New York’s Frieze Weekend, Hôtel Americano will showcased a special exhibition of light installations throughout the hotel including the Patio, the Pool Side and Bar Americano.  The debut series of lighting installations by Mexican artist G.T. Pellizzi entitled “Pool Meditations for Hedy Lamarr” is the result of a collaboration with Mary BooneY Gallery & Steve Turner.  The project aims to pay tribute to Hollywood actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr, who devised a system for frequency hopping that today serves as the foundation for all cellular and WiFi communication. Comprised of overlapping shapes of primary colors, the works are inspired by player piano scores, as was Hedy’s original frequency hopping mechanism.

This cultural initiative continues Hôtel Americano’s dedication to supporting contemporary art and giving guests and the public access to celebrated artists and their works. The property is devoted to providing a platform for individuals to create a personal dialogue with various artistic mediums and showing their importance as a contemporary cultural expression.


Vince spent a lot of money studying fine art in NYC, only to realize that those who can't do, really do teach. He is currently an art teacher and art journalist based out of Brooklyn.