6 Anticipated Short Art Films At Tribeca Film Fest...

6 Anticipated Short Art Films At Tribeca Film Festival

Since its inception in 2002, The Tribeca Film Festival has given New Yorkers a specific time of year to celebrate film.  Today we have a variety of films participating in the festival and quite a few shorts that focus on our favorite subject… contemporary art! Here is a list of a few noteworthy films ready for your viewing pleasure from April 13-24th.

The Banksy Job

Banksy_Job_Tribeca Film Festival artreport

Dylan Harvey and Ian Roderick Gray direct the film that documents the story of “Art Terrorist” AK47’s stealing “The Drinker” a ten-foot statue, erected by Banksy, in a small square off Shaftsbury avenue in central London. With dramatic reconstruction of events, this film tells an action packed true story featuring larger then life characters and events.

Everybody Knows… Elizabeth Murray

everybody-knowselizabeth-murray-2016 tribeca film festival artreport

This hour long documentary produced and directed by Kristi Zea, celebrates the personal and professional life of contemporary artist Elizabeth Murray, who passed in 2007. Using Meryl Streep’s voice to narrate her story, the film takes a closer look at her context in the contemporary art world.

Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back

maurizio-cattelan-be-right-back 2016 tribeca film festival artreport

Maura Axelrod introduces us to Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Cattelan who is known as a “provocateur, prankster, and tragic poet of our times” who retired in 2011. Using over a decade’s worth of film and a few snippets of animation, Axelrod shines light on Cattelan’s story action, pre and post-retirement.

Becoming: Bradley Theodore

Becoming Bradley Theodore 2016 tribeca film festival artreport

You may be familiar with New York based artist Bradley Theodore’s from his colorful skeletal murals that charm Soho and the Lower East Side (Think the highly instagrammed mural of the skull version of Anna Wintor and Karl Lagerfeld gazing into each others eyes) or from his collaboration from Alexis Bittar. This short eight minute film quickly gives us the inside scoop on how his darkest hours segwayed into him teaching himself to paint, promoting himself, and then quickly emerging as one of today’s primer street artists.

Ocean Stories: Wyland

Ocean Stories Wyland 2016 tribeca film festival artreport

Beginning in the 1980’s, Marine life artist Wyland’s has painted 100 life sized murals of Whales throughout the world.  Engaging people with his art, which also includes sculptures and photography, he has created a new awareness of Marine life and conservation. This film highlights the impact of his unique public works.

Taylor and Ultra on the 60’s, The Factory and Being a Warhol Superstar

Taylor and Ultra on the 60’s, The Factory and Being a Warhol Superstar 2016 tribeca film festival artreport

Director Brian Bayerl and producer Michael Hulter, gives us a glimpse into Andy Warhol’s New York through the lens of his friends Ultra Violet (Isabelle Colin Durfresne) and Taylor Mead as they recall their stories from the 1960’s. The film features a wide range of other Warhol Factory staples and fellow artists, including Robert Indiana, William John Kennedy, Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, Edie Sedgwick, Jane Holzer, Salvador Dali and Eric Shiner.


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